i am erik paluszak.
i make art that you can hear with your eyes, see with your ears and touch with your brain.

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 @ 13:50

"valentines day 2012"
all credits: e.paluszak (velvet crayon)

happy valentines day. so while i was taking a break from packing for my illinois adventure i wrote & recorded this little song, it’s called “valentines day 2012” (very original, huh?). just used my laptop microphone cause i don’t really have the time to set up real mic’s but it came out pretty well. it’s ukulele, banjolele, vocals & organ.

 @ 19:07

“a love song called goats” (demo)
all credits: e.paluszak (velvet crayon)

been working on some new velvet crayon songs. this is a demo of a new little silly ukulele song called, “a love song called goats”. maybe i’ll eventually re-record it as a real recording but i’m not sure. till then, here’s the demo!

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 @ 08:30

“#9211 (the surgery song)”
all credits: e.paluszak (velvet crayon)

today i am having surgery on my leg to have a pin/rod thingy removed. honestly, i’m a bit nervous about it. although it is suppose to be a pretty easy surgery with a quick recovery time, you never fully know and, being a crazy paranoid person, i know that anything can go wrong. with that said, here’s a baritone ukulele instrumental that i wrote to commemorate this day. it’s my way of saying thanks to all my amazing friends&family who are always there for me even when i’m being completely absurd and insane.. i could never verbalize how happy and lucky i am to have you all and have all your love so it’s an instrumental.. thank you and i heart you all.

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 @ 00:22
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 @ 23:40

this is a demo of my take on the traditional song “moonshiner”. i may fully arrange it eventually (i feel like it needs banjo and piano or something) but right now it’s just vocals and baritone ukulele.

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 @ 13:14

originally written/recorded by: nana grizol
performed/rearranged by: e.paluszak (velvet crayon)

this song was written by nana grizol (from the elephant 6 scene) and is one of my favourite songs of theirs. nana grizol writes some pretty amazing lyrically awesome songs. since my studio is still disassembled so this was recorded using my laptop microphone, ukulele & synths. i will get back to full fledged recordings soon!

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 @ 15:29

"throw your arms around me"
originally written/recorded by: hunters & collectors
performed/rearranged by: e.paluszak (velvet crayon)

i first heard eddie vedder sing this song years ago and i completely loved it. i would crank his version loud in my van so i could sing along, then last night i learned how to play it on the ukulele and today i recorded it. it’s always made me think about a certain point in my life.. maybe i’m still living it, i’m not sure but either way, here is my version. hope you like it.

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 @ 00:12

“mellow my mind”
originally written/recorded by: neil young
performed/rearranged by: e.paluszak (velvet crayon)

well hello, fancy meeting you here. as many of you may know already, i am a huge neil young fan. this song, “mellow my mind”, is from his “tonight’s the night” album and is one of my favourite albums of his.. also, my song “mind my mellow” obviously got it’s title from this lovely neil young song. well, i decided to cover it on ukulele. this version was recorded in fall 2010.

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 @ 11:42

“little room / let’s build a home”
originally written/recorded by: the white stripes

performed/rearranged by: e.paluszak (velvet crayon)

hey! more demos from the velvet crayon archives. this one is a pair of white stripes covers that i believe were recorded around the same time as “self titled.” but i’m really not sure at all. more demos coming soon..

*UPDATE: after some searching, it looks like i recorded this song in april of 2005.

tags: audio.