i am erik paluszak.
i make art that you can hear with your eyes, see with your ears and touch with your brain.

i'm not really using tumblr anymore. for most up to date info check out:

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about the band.

velvet crayon (live)

velvet crayon is a one manned, more koala based, psychedelic garage-punk noise making persona/band fronted by erik paluszak. on stage, erik leads a fuzzed out orchestra of electric guitars, synths, drum machines & vocals (think the flaming lips meets the wipers with a dash of the kinks).

"velvet crayon was born out of a guitar feedback induced union of lust and mistrust between a wandering space monkey sailor on acid and an earth woman after she had been lost for fifteen years on her way to woodstock. with ears corrupted by bands of gypsys, a heart lost in a rainy northwestern neverland and an imagination intoxicated by summers of surreality, velvet crayon howls out a multicolored aural confetti soaked in liquid memes." (gary maglary, 2011).

so far velvet crayon has released 2 full length albums (“self titled” & “velvet crayon”), 3 ep’s (“halloween weekend”, “potatoes & pickles” & “room 1227b, silverstein”) and a 3.5” single (“that’s the way girls are”). at any given moment velvet crayon is working on several new projects & playing shows around the philadelphia / tri-state area.

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